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Sorry it has been so long since working on the blog! I have been beyond busy wrapping up the Holiday Season. I also, must admit, that I was avoiding the blog due to the random act of kindness post (day 11). I don’t think I have committed any, so I have decided to continue on and work towards the other days.

So here goes today…

DAY 12: Things you want your children to know about you. So here goes

  1. I want my daughter to know the day she came into my life, it was changed for the better
  2. That I am human, and that I have made mistakes, so she should never feel that she will be flawed if she makes them
  3. That I am Ambitious
  4. That I am motivated to succeed, not only for her, but for myself
  5. That I have fallen 7 times, but work to stand up 8
  6. That I am a work in progress and each day is a brand new beginning
  7. That I am a runner
  8. That I am a lover
  9. That I am a activist
  10. And lastly, that my love for her stretches beyond anything that eyes can see.