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How appropriate this post is as the year is coming to an end and as we all begin to take a look at the blessings that occurred this past year.

Today’s Question: The Best Things That Happened in The Last Year

    • Watching Oprah’s Two Day Finale from Backstage and being in the presence of greats such as Patti Labelle, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Madonna, Tyler Perry, and BEYONCE!!!
    • Shaking Oprah’s hand as she took her last walk off of her stage on her final episode
    • Taking a picture with the legendary Congressman John Lewis and being in his presence
    • Taking Amira on her first plane ride to Atlanta
    • Rebuilding and reconnecting with my father this year
    • Going to Turks and Caicos with my family and bonding with my big sis and little brother
    • Spending time in Atlanta with my Dad and sis and brother
    • Going to L.A. for All Star weekend. (Something that was on my bucket list)
    • Watching Amira play tennis, ballet, and her learn spanish
    • Being thankful that Mr. Pope came out of his accident alive and on the road to recovery
    • Having snowball fights with Amira during Snowmageddon 2011
    • Doing the Social Media Scavenger Hunt! SO much fun and meeting great group of peeps
    • Watching one of my great friends get married!
    • Girls weekend with Kaylito and Erin
    • Every moment spent with my friends and family, sharing laughter
    • Being able to enjoy a summer of FREEDOM.
    • Throwing my first Lupus Fundraiser
    • Starting my first blog~ The Voting Vixen, and preparing to continue it for the next year!