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This was Sundays question, I thought about it last night, while working, so here goes.

Get Inspired Challenge Day 7: Good things that happened this week?

    • My daughter’s ballet Thursdays (pure bliss)
    • My daughter’s Spanish concert (I love to see the joy in parents faces as they watch their child sing or dance)
    • Having Pie, laughing, and enjoying time with 2 of my fave girls
    • Wine Tasting with my mom
    • My Honey having a good week and continuing to recover from his car accident
    • Learning new things about my co workers (I really work with some cool peeps)
    • Dinner with one of my great friends and her family and my daughter. The beauty in old fashioned conversations and building relationships is amazing
    • Time with my BFF as she waxed my eyebrows!
    • Deciding to take the leap and act on faith and realizing what I really want out of life and deciding to take calculated risks and steps towards those goals each day.
    • Finding a name for my other blog coming in January and not rushing to release it, but taking my time and doing it right
    • Knowing that Thanksgiving is right around the corner!
    • Having a pretty crazy dream JUST LAST NIGHT. That put some things into perspective for me.

And I am thankful for all of these experiences…