Get Inspired Challenge…. Day 13


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Today’s Get Inspired Question was the reason’s why we love our significant other.

Well…. This picture for me says it all. There is nothing like a man being a great father, especially when he had every reason not to be. From his upbringing and lack of role models in the father figure department he proved me, and everyone else wrong about who he is and what he continues to become.

I’m not saying that it’s perfect, and there is a ton more work to go, but the number one reason I love him, is because of this. Great Father, Great Man.

DuShaun B.




Get Inspired Day 12


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Sorry it has been so long since working on the blog! I have been beyond busy wrapping up the Holiday Season. I also, must admit, that I was avoiding the blog due to the random act of kindness post (day 11). I don’t think I have committed any, so I have decided to continue on and work towards the other days.

So here goes today…

DAY 12: Things you want your children to know about you. So here goes

  1. I want my daughter to know the day she came into my life, it was changed for the better
  2. That I am human, and that I have made mistakes, so she should never feel that she will be flawed if she makes them
  3. That I am Ambitious
  4. That I am motivated to succeed, not only for her, but for myself
  5. That I have fallen 7 times, but work to stand up 8
  6. That I am a work in progress and each day is a brand new beginning
  7. That I am a runner
  8. That I am a lover
  9. That I am a activist
  10. And lastly, that my love for her stretches beyond anything that eyes can see.


Get Inspired Challenge Day 11

Today’s question, I am going to hold this post for a few days and work on it throughout this week.

The Question is. Acts of Random Kindness You have Committed.

~Okay so this post has been the hardest, I don’t think I commit Random Acts of Kindness, but I am going to work on doing something at least 3 times a week, (I will try to do at least once a day). As I add them, I will add them each day, but whew this one is a hard one.


The Get Inspired Challenge.. Day 10


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Whew, Okay this question is so hard for me to answer, I feel like I  can not nearly write a full soundtrack for my life at this point because I have so much more to go. So my Soundtrack at the age of 28 would be….

Destiny’s Child~ Survivor… The first song that came to my mind,

I have a long way to go,but I have coma  long way thus far, and no matter what “I’m not going to give up I’m going to work harder” 🙂


Get Inspired Day 9

I am starting to read down the lists of these questions for the challenge, and I am getting nervous. Some of these questions are difficult! (The Soundtrack for your life) WOW! And that is tomorrow’s post! Aye Aye Aye,

But today’s question is pretty easy… THE BEST DAYS OF YOUR LIFE.

Thus far I have a few

    • April 21st 2007 the day that my baby girl was born! Hands down the greatest, bestest day ever
    • Graduation from college
    • Partying on the Bosphorus in Istanbul during the Trip of a Lifetime.

Hmm… thus far those are the top three, but I am sure there are many more to come 🙂


Get Inspired Challenge… DAY 8!


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How appropriate this post is as the year is coming to an end and as we all begin to take a look at the blessings that occurred this past year.

Today’s Question: The Best Things That Happened in The Last Year

    • Watching Oprah’s Two Day Finale from Backstage and being in the presence of greats such as Patti Labelle, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Madonna, Tyler Perry, and BEYONCE!!!
    • Shaking Oprah’s hand as she took her last walk off of her stage on her final episode
    • Taking a picture with the legendary Congressman John Lewis and being in his presence
    • Taking Amira on her first plane ride to Atlanta
    • Rebuilding and reconnecting with my father this year
    • Going to Turks and Caicos with my family and bonding with my big sis and little brother
    • Spending time in Atlanta with my Dad and sis and brother
    • Going to L.A. for All Star weekend. (Something that was on my bucket list)
    • Watching Amira play tennis, ballet, and her learn spanish
    • Being thankful that Mr. Pope came out of his accident alive and on the road to recovery
    • Having snowball fights with Amira during Snowmageddon 2011
    • Doing the Social Media Scavenger Hunt! SO much fun and meeting great group of peeps
    • Watching one of my great friends get married!
    • Girls weekend with Kaylito and Erin
    • Every moment spent with my friends and family, sharing laughter
    • Being able to enjoy a summer of FREEDOM.
    • Throwing my first Lupus Fundraiser
    • Starting my first blog~ The Voting Vixen, and preparing to continue it for the next year!



Get Inspired Challenge… Day 7


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This was Sundays question, I thought about it last night, while working, so here goes.

Get Inspired Challenge Day 7: Good things that happened this week?

    • My daughter’s ballet Thursdays (pure bliss)
    • My daughter’s Spanish concert (I love to see the joy in parents faces as they watch their child sing or dance)
    • Having Pie, laughing, and enjoying time with 2 of my fave girls
    • Wine Tasting with my mom
    • My Honey having a good week and continuing to recover from his car accident
    • Learning new things about my co workers (I really work with some cool peeps)
    • Dinner with one of my great friends and her family and my daughter. The beauty in old fashioned conversations and building relationships is amazing
    • Time with my BFF as she waxed my eyebrows!
    • Deciding to take the leap and act on faith and realizing what I really want out of life and deciding to take calculated risks and steps towards those goals each day.
    • Finding a name for my other blog coming in January and not rushing to release it, but taking my time and doing it right
    • Knowing that Thanksgiving is right around the corner!
    • Having a pretty crazy dream JUST LAST NIGHT. That put some things into perspective for me.

And I am thankful for all of these experiences…



Get Inspired Day 6


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I like this one alot…..


    • Singing and Dancing with my toddler
    • Taking walks along the lake
    • Laughing
    • Being with friends and family just for peaceful times
    • Looking in the sky (It’s amazing the things you see, if you look up)
    • Watching my daughter brush her teeth
    • Crying (Healing to my soul)
    • Anything Inspirational ( I love hearing or watching someone else’s story)
    • Traveling
    • Dressing up, especially when I am feeling down, always makes you feel better
    • Music (Right now especially Adele! She is great)
    • Being with a group of people and seeing that they share your experiences
    • GOOGLE ( all things google)
    • Twitter (Social Media is my thing)
    • Swimming
    • Manicures and Pedicures ( I just love them)

Sorry if this list bored you all but these are some of the simplest things that I love, for myself, I realized the things that I love the most are not monetary, even though daily I feel like having more and making more money will make me a happier person.



Get Inspired Challenge Day 5


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Well, I am behind on 2 days of post but it has been the weekend so I have been living! Friday is usually my day to rest and prepare for the week, but this Friday I spent the day with one of my great friends and her new hubby and brother and sister. Such a wonderful, fun time. For me I am learning, that letting life come before schedules and lists really is the only thing that matters.

Okay so here goes Day 5: Books you have read?

There are still a ton more that I have read but I can’t remember all of their names, but I have posted links to my favorites. If you haven’t read them… check those out especially. 🙂




Get Inspired Challenge.. Day 4!


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Happy Happy Thursday! I loved writing yesterday’s post on where I have been but I am even more excited to now plan on writing a list on Where I would like to go! I just took a look at blog and can you say INSPIRED! WOW! She has done a lot! That made me think of all of the amazing places I would like to still go, and one day have my daughter experience them as well.

So here goes.. Day 4: Places you want to go?

    • Dubai
    • Egypt
    • Kenya
    • Jamaica
    • New Orleans
    • Martha’s Vineyard
    • Bora Bora
    • Hawaii
    • Australia
    • Puerto Rico
    • Canada
    • Germany
    • London
    • Paris
    • The Amalfi Coast
    • Greece and Italy Time and Time again
    • Jerusalem
    • Amsterdam
    • Tokyo
    • China
    • Brooklyn New York
    • San Tropez
    • Cannes
    • Aspen
    • Rio
    • And Many Many More! 🙂